Club Asteria is the First Real Online Profit Sharing Program. The revenue generated here are Real and this is NO PONZI Scheme, and run by extremely qualified Andrea Lucas who has more than 30 years of combined experience. 
Help people the world...
•    Receive their own self-replicated website
•    Unlimited use of our educational library, live webinars and entrepreneurial programs
•    Access to CUMADA, our fully automated proprietary lead capture and marketing system
•    Access to our Club Asteria Library - 10,000 titles - all downloadable. 
•    Benefit from our auto-marketing program for the marketing of our products and services
•    Earn commissions from our affiliate marketing programs
•    Receive an electronic e-wallet to manage funds
•    Earn income from our discounted shopping and travel program
•    Contribute and participate in our philanthropic and micro-finance / micro-credit programs
•    Share and contribute to our Forum
•    Participate in our Earn-a-Reward-Program to introduce new Members

Earn-a-Reward Program
Our vision for Club Asteria is to establish a global brand that is synonymous with recognizing and solving major global issues such as poverty and improving the lives of immigrants and expatriates.  We know that the best way to establish this global community and build our Club Membership is through the personal referrals and assistance of our most valued Members.  As our way of saying Thank You we offer a $9.00 per month reward for each referred Member who joins Club Asteria and remains an active Member.  We so appreciate each of our Members inviting and sharing their passion for a positive change in the world with their friends and family.
Your account continues to earn up to $1,600 every month.  At the end of 24 months, you could earn $14,333.50.When you have reached the maximum possible earnings of $400 per week, your annual income would be $20,800.Everything that you have just read is brilliant, but this is just a small percentage, the tip of an iceberg, of what you can actually earn if you follow the path of our Network Directors and employ the extreme compounded income benefits from our benefactor program.
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